A world-class industry specific ATP/CTP engine

When you accept a new customer order, how certain you are that it can be delivered on time? Do you sales representatives have the best tools and information to negotiate delivery dates that they can commit to? How often do you unconsciously break existing commitments in order to place new orders?

Greycon’s ATP/CTP module examines the free capacity in the schedule and the available inventory, allowing you to respond to new customer enquiries in a controlled way. With very fast response times, you can determine if the new potential order can be satisfied or, if not, what is the best you can commit to deliver. When the order is accepted, the needed machine capacity and inventory are booked against it and become immediately visible for the planning team in opt-Studio.

Advanced inventory and capacity checks

Order enquiries can be satisfied from a combination of inventory and machine capacity. Whether it is a simple production process or there are multi-stage routes, ATP/CTP will try to “squeeze” your new enquiry to deliver it on time. By using dynamic time buckets, it guarantees you are not affecting what you have already promised. Aspects like machine level constraints, transport times, quotas, are all enforced by ATP/CTP, ensuring that the proposed sourcing of the enquiries are really doable.

ATP/CTP understands that the existing stock items might need to go through a conversion process (rewinding, sheeting, lamination, coating, metalisation, etc.) and checks the capacity on the converting machines.

Integrated with your order entry system

The order entry system starts the process by sending a new enquiry to the ATP/CTP engine, which replies instantly with one or more alternatives. The order entry then confirms the enquiry, which creates the order in opt-Studio, or it cancels it.

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